Experience of use Rhino-correct

Marina's experience with Rhino-correct in Paris

Marina from Paris

Hello! I wanted to share my story of using Rhino-correct. First of all, I have had terrible complexes about the appearance of my nose since childhood. At school I was treated with irony and constantly given new, insulting nicknames.

I come from a poor family, so I didn't have extra money for plastic surgery, I lost hope for a while. Everything changed when my mother once brought me the Nose Corrector - Rhinoplasty without surgery (knowing my complexes and constant complaints), and with it the instructions for use, from which I learned how to use the device.

I started using it immediately, I have been putting off this problem for too long. After a month, I noticed the first results - the nose became smoother and narrower. I continue to use it now and can't get enough of it. The corrector is very easy to use, but you must follow the instructions: before and after application, do a light massage, fix the corrector. Don't forget about time either - it's tiring to wear for at least two hours.

Don't put off the things that will make your life so much better. I strongly recommend buying this concealer to anyone who is tired of being laughed at behind their backs, as well as unfair and tactless people. The device really works! It's time to change your life

Experience using Olga Rhino-correct from Bucharest

Olga's feedback from Bucharest

I would like to start by saying that I had a small, thin, neat nose when I was a child. But that changed when I fell off my bike as a teenager. The result is a broken nose. Consequences - nostrils of different sizes.

All my failures started from that fall. The complexes were so huge that I didn't want to leave the house. But time passed and I understood that this cannot continue for the rest of my life.

I started studying articles and reviews online and came across this reviewer. It turned out that the device is quite affordable - low price, fast delivery. I decided to give it a try, reassuring myself that I wasn't going to lose anything and it certainly wouldn't get any worse.

What was my surprise when it got better! I have been using it for the second month, I do everything according to the instructions. The size of the nostrils begins to equalize, and the asymmetry gradually disappears. Now I'm thinking about how I came across this drug in time, because out of hopelessness I was already thinking about rhinoplasty.

Still in doubt about buying a concealer? Are you joking? Don't even think! Worth the money and more! I recommend it to anyone who wants to change their life